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"Crush" Review 13 March 2003

A Rock Album

A review by ckjax /

This album was not only like any other Bon Jovi album, but an album which music fans haven't heard for a while....good rock-n-roll. These days the only place you would find good ol' fashioned rock music is from Springsteen, the Stones, McCartney and other insitutional rock legends - which there aren't that many left. So Bon Jovi once again shows its diversity - their previous album being the dark These Days -but also show they can do a great rock record. This album as a whole doesn't really have a "pop" feel to it - with the exception being "It's My Life". Their previous albums, including These Days had more than one "pop-radio-rock" songs on them. This was a return, rather, to the type of rock that was displayed on their first two albums: Less pop, more rock.

It's my Life - definetly a "radio" song and obvious that it would have been the first single. like this one, but was blown away some other songs weren't considered for a single.

Say it isn't So - the chorus reminds one of the Beatles "Help" song - where Paul and George would sing a line, followed by John singing the same line. this rather has JBJ singing a line in the chorus and Richie replying with something else. with so many bands copying each other -grunge/alternative, pop, rap-rock, etc. - it's good to see that Jovi incorporates their influences in their music, but also realize doing a song in the same style over and over is not only boring for the listener, but also not creative. it's okay to "pinch" a little from the past.

Thank you for loving Me - like this one, but not as much as "All about loving You". definetly a "wedding-type" song.

Two story Town - love this song. one of my favorites on the album. straight-forward rock song with the two breaks finished off with the drum-fills by Tico.

Next 100 Years - they pinched a few times for this song. another great one. opens with the Hendrixesque lick, the backward-looped high-hat - e.g. done by Hendrix on "Are you
Experienced?" and the Beatles "Strawberry Fields"....) - the "na-na" chant ("Hey Jude") perfect for live performance and lastly the the horns before the faster solo at the end mirror that of the Beatles and Beach Boys uses of the horns around that time.....very happy to see a band do this type of stuff again - just b/c it was done almost 40 years ago doesn't mean it has to be forgotten.

Just Older - another great song. love the solo in this one -most notably. Jon showing he can also scream it out once and a while.

Mystery Train - nice song. this one definetly grew on me. usually you see a song that's "soft" (in sound) is usually a little slower (e.g. "She's a Mystery) - this was a nice change instead of another radio ballad.

Save the World - this song is personal for me...was listening to Crush everyday so i had it in my cd player in my car....after 9/11 happened, i didn't listen to music for a week....i work in Manhattan and, specifically, we were sent downtown to help with the restoration (i work for a utility)- this was the first song i played in my car while driving into work, with the changed skyline on my left - definitely my little dedication, via Bon Jovi, to all the Heros that day. however, always loved the chorus to this song - i think it was written for the Armegeddon soundtrack.

Captain Crash... - another one of my favorites off this album - another great rock song. like many rock bands have done, they added the names of people - specifically duo's or couples of the past - also the backround "ooohh's", after that, remind me of the Beach Boys stuff.

She's a Mystery - another song that grows on you after a while. soft, slow, and quite relaxing. sounds like it could have been on Destination Anywhere.

I got the Girl - great rock song - even though it's about his daughter, it rocks like a rock song.

One wild Night - great way to close out the album - probably could've even had "Next 100 Years" close it out - but this was a fine choice. love the slide guitar; the lyrics fit the music (or the music fits the lyrics);the na-na's are back; and Jon gives us a little "scream" after the solo. another great song.

Rating: 10/10

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