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"Crush" Review 15 June 2000
This album rocks the planet

perfect album

A review by Silviu /

Ok, I got this album yesterday. I must say that it is GREAT!!! I was very angry that it took the band 5 years to get an album out, but after I got my first listen of Crush I must admit it was worth it.

It's my life - great song, very infectious riff. I don't think it's like Livin On A Prayer although many people think that. The pounding riff is just awesome. It just sticks to you.

Say it isn't is so - reminds me of the Beatles and although it is a pretty good song they should't have used those effects for the vocals.

Thank you for loving me - an honest ballad. Those of you complaining it's not as good as Always quit your moaning and groaning. If it would have been like always people would have complained that it was too similar. Learn to appreciate what you got. This song was inspired by a scene in Meet Joe Black and fits perfectly with the mood of the movie.

Two story town - Wallflowers, Tom Petty and solo Jon Bon Jovi rolled into one but is still a great tune.

Next 100 years - AWESOME. I was humming this song all day today.

Just Older - definitely the BEST song on the album. Perfect! It sounds so fresh and invigorating.

Mystery Train - an ok song, but it really seems pointless. Don't get me wrong here. I'm just saying that the lyrics are a little blury.

Save The World - another catchy tune. It was stuck in my head all afternoon along with the Next 100 Years.

Captain Crash - really a fun song. It's one of those summer songs that remind you of Per Gessle's songs (Roxette). It's definitely overblown

She's a mystery -another good ballad although I like Bon Jovi's rock songs better than their ballads.

I got the girl - definitely has a beatlesque feel to it, especially on the chorus. Yet another fun-loving song

One Wild Night - should have been a single. The only song on the album written with Desmond Child (correct me if I'm wrong) and originally meant to be the title for the album. It is one of those great rock songs that will always be great. Think 99 in the shade

I Don't Want to Live Forever - (Bonus track on European versions) an alright song, catchy lyrics and riff. It should have replaced Mystery train on US version
You can't Lose at Love - (Demo, B-Side) This is the one demo that should have been on the album. Great ballad. Better than Save the world. Get your hands on this if you can. Email me if you want it. I'll try to get it for you.
Hush (Demo, B-side) This song was originally done for Jon's next solo album. It is a great song unti it gets to this part where Jon says "she don't talk about love". After that it starts to sound a little forced and annoying.

I Could Make a living out of loving you (Demo) - Ok rocker although it's not anything special

Neurotica (Japan bonus track) - Nice chorus, nothing special here either

Overall, I think that Crush is the ultimate summer album. It's one of the albums that need to be listened to while driving your car real fast on a HOT summer day. All of you complaining how this album is not like old Bon Jovi are very narrow-minded. Just because a handfull of you is still into hair-metal doesn't mean the whole nation is. Does anybody know anything about Poison, Skid Row, Cinderella, Motley Crue, and Dokken anymore? No. Because they are nostalgia bands. They play on those tours where a ticket costs $8.99 and play only small venues for fear that not enough people would show up.

Like it or not, Bon Jovi is a band and a band needs money. This is what these musicians do and they can't afford to become nostalgia. They need to make money. And personally, I like this music they're making now. Crush sounds fresh. Fans have to learn that bands change styles and they need to learn to cope with those changes. Has anybody listened to new Aerosmith albums? They sound so forced. They try to be hip, but still feature the same old song and they only result in sounding tired.

Many of you might not like it when I'll say this, but when I play the Slippery album it sounds so tired to me. Sure, it has many highlights besides the hits and if the album would be mixed on a compilation with other artists I'd love it, but the overall feeling that I get is that it is tired. Sometimes it is a chore listening to the whole album. When I hear Wild in the Streets or Raise your hands on my radio station I crank up the volume as far as it goes but a whole album of that sort of sound is just outdated.

Keep The Faith was a great album that really brought Bon Jovi into the 90s. Fans didn't receive it so well, but no it is considered a classic. As for These Days, the lyrics are very deep and soulful, but I think it is THE most depressing album I have ever heard. Comments like Bon Jovi is not thinking about their fans are really not appreciated. They basically mean Bon Jovi doesn't think about ME. These Days was the one time that Bon Jovi did listen to their fans and made a ballad-driven album and I think it turned out kind of bad. Anyways, Crush is definitely the album to start the new millenium with. A band can't play the same thing over and over and still hope to be popular.

I think Bon Jovi has matured and they're trying to feature a sound that will appeal to everybody. And finaly remember that Jon said this album will be anout fun, summer sun, and girls.

KTF and listen to Crush,

Rating: 10/10

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