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"Crossroad" Review 13 April 2003
Hit after hit after hit after hit!!

A review by Little miss Jovinorway

1. Livin`on a prayer:
One the best songs ever. Fantastic verses and a fantastic chourse. A fantastic song!! Great live song! Just fabulous!! 10/10

2. Keep the faith:
A great rock song. Not one of the best but still... 8/10

3. Someday I`ll be saturday night:
Sometimes life ain`t the best. But when you listen to this song you get reminded that you probably not the only one. 8/10

4. Always:
Once upon a time I could sit down and write this song by heart. It`s one of my favourite songs ever! Words can not describe it. 10/10

5. Wanted dead or alive:
Bon Jovis national anthem acording to Jon him self. Another great song from my favourite band!! 10/10

6. Lay your hands on me:
Yes Jon do so!! A great live song! 9/10

7. You give love a bad name:
This song opened the last concert I went to. August 2000 in Gothenburg. It`s taken from the smash album Slippery when wet. Great song!! Again. 9/10

8. Bed of roses:
My Favourite son!!!
The SONG! The reason why I`m a Bon Jovi fan. The long version is of course the best! A perfect song in my opinion! 10/10

9.Blaze of glory:
A real cowboy song. Jon shows what he`s good for and that he can make it alone. 8/10

10.In these arms:
One of my favourties! A lovesong with a beat! 10/10

11.Bad medicine:
Never been a favourite, but after hearing it live I have changed my mind. 8/10

12. I`ll be there for you:
What can I say. This album contains lots of hits. This is again another great lovesong. What you want to hear from the one you love!! 10/10

13. In and out of love:
Why is this track on this album? Because they had to have a song from their second album? Sorry to say but a skip this song every time. 3/10

14. Runaway:
Party song!! Some of my friends are not to fond of Bon Jovi. I don`t get that. Anyhow, this song they play loud and many times during a night of drinking and dancing. I don`t blame them. Fancy song! 8/10

15. Never say goodbye:
The last track on the album. Perhaps because when you first listen to Bon Jovis materiel you can`t stop. A sexy love song! 10/10

Rating: 10/10

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