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"Bounce" Review 18 April 2003

A review by The Terminator

This is a great Bon Jovi albumn with a great variation and mix to it, there is a bit of sad stuff, uplifting stuff and above all an enthusiasm of bouncing back.

Undivided starts the albumn with a bang a complete song with an uplifting melody with a moving/reflecting ring to it, the best on the albumn- 10

Everyday continues the uplifting mood where Undivided left off with a harder rock base, great song- 10

The Distance is a favorite for me with the mix of hard rock and slower melodius verses with an erupting chorus- 10

Joey- Also one of my favorites, This is a great ballad and a superb song on the whole- 10

Misunderstood is a hard rock song with a great feeling to it, talks of a relationship, somewhere we all go, really great song- 10

All about lovin' you- Another favorite for me, talking of a love story, and reflecting on good and tough times, a brilliant song- 10

Hook me up- Hardest song on albumn with a sadder ring to it great feeling behind it and meaning, also a favorite, which most seem to be- 10

Right side of Wrong- One of Bon Jovi's greatest ballads, a brilliant song with an overwhelming brilliance especially from Ritchie with the solo, Something special-10

Love me back to life- A bit sad but also with the uplifting meaning and feeling, great lyrics- really easy to relate to-10

Had me from hello- A more simple song but brilliant, feeling of a love story really captured and very touching, a unique song on this albumn- probabely slowest and simplist but still brilliant-10

Bounce- Title of albumn and one of the best, captures feeling and meaning behind albumn, in very rocky way, something different too- it is really brilliant-10

Open all night- Saddest song on albumn, also brilliant, touch of class from Bon Jovi to end the alboumn- Also a great Ballad-10

Brilliant albumn on the whole, great depth with love, uplifting rock, and moving melodies, it isn't possible for a Bon Jovi albumn not to be 10/10.

Rating: 10/10

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