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"These Days" Review 21 April 2003

A review by Little miss Jovinorway

1. HEY GOD - An angry song. But it`s good. Even if it`s the "worst" song on this album.

2. SOMETHING FOR THE PAIN - Also a good song. I love the vokals with Jon and Richie. Great!! Number 7 in my personal rate.

3. This ain`t a love song - A great ballad but it is not as good as Bed of roses, Always and Living in sin. Nr 6.

4. These Days - The piano in the beginning is absolutely wonderful. The rest of the song is not so bad eihter!! Nr 2 on this cd!!

5. Lie to me - A sad love song. Nr 10!

6. Damned - A good song. Simple as that. Not the best Bon Jovi material but still...Nr 8.

7. My guitar lies bleeding in my arms - One of my favourites on this album. Actually nr 3!!

8. (It`s hard) Letting you go - Another sad love song. Number nine.

9. Hearts breaking even - I think this is a catchy song. That`s why I think this is the fourth best song.

10. Something to believe in - This is the winner! A great song. Play it loud! Almost better live! Number 1!!!

11. If that`s what it takes - Another great song. Number five.

12. Diamond ring - Diamonds are a girl`s best friend. Good song! Nr 12

13. All I want is everything - So true!! Still not a favourite... Number 13. Oooh. The second "worse" song!

14. Bitter Wine - I like this song alot. Especially the frase: I didn`t have much money so I stole you a rose. Number 11.

Numbers can lie!!

Rating: 10/10

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