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"Slippery When Wet" Review 29 April 2003
Still Slippery After All These Years

A work of art worth a place in any gallery around the world.

A review by Solid Sambora /

With this being, in my opinion, the best Bon Jovi record ever, it pleases me when I look at the numerous "Greatest Album" polls in various magazines, and see Slippery ranking high in the list. 17 years after it's release, this album is still hugely powerful, and sets the standard for many a band trying to break into the world of rock music. I would love to see the band return to the fast and furious rock displayed on this album, rather than another album of the more 'pop' nature of Crush and Bounce. Although both these albums are excellent examples of Bon Jovi magic, with some great songs such as It's My Life, Thank You For Loving Me, Hook Me Up and Bounce, they still don't give you that feeling inside, when You Give Love A Bad Name or Wanted Dead Or Alive roar from the speakers. Here are my ratings of each song:

1. Let It Rock: Excellent start, sounds like an evil organ player at church. Some great vocals and riffs. 8(/10)

2. You Give Love A Bad Name: From the opening shout of "Shot through the heart...", you can't stop singing this great tune. It has an irresistible hook, and a chorus so catchy you could go fishing with it. 10

3. Livin' On A Prayer: this classic anthem sends a shiver down your spine everytime you hear it, whether it's live or the studio version. Another hook and chorus to be proud of, and some great guitar work from Richie. 10

4. Social Disease: Kickoff with a pornographic listen-in, then straight into a rock-fest, a sure winner with the lads. 9

5. Wanted Dead Or Alive: the atmosphere created by this song is electric, from the wind blowing to the point Richie kicks in with the elctric guitar solo, it makes your hair stand on end. Everyone wants to be a cowboy, and this song makes you want to reach for the six-gun hidden in the loft. And how cool is Richie's 12-string? 10

6. Raise Your Hands: an infectious little number, which really gets a crowd rocking when played live. A great beat from Tico gets you tapping, no, stamping, your feet along. 9

7. Without Love: Perhaps the weakest song on the album, btu it still has catchy lyrics that deserve a turn at your local karaoke bar. 7

8. I'd Die For You: When your in the dog house, you try to get back in her good books. You've already used Misunderstood the time you came in from a party 3 days late. The love songs are saved for anniversary's, Valentines etc. Have no fear, sing this and you're saved. The lyrics will have her swooning, yet it's still a manly rock song, so your reputation is safe. 9

9. Never Say Goodbye: A truly great love song, with touching lyrics. Great vocals from Jon, and the guitar work is amazing. 10

10. Wild In The Streets: A great party track, with an excellent guitar solo. A situation is portrayed that every guy wishes had been his youth. 10

Rating: 10/10

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