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"Slippery When Wet" Review 7 May 2003

this is the best album ive ever heard! BON JOVI at their best!

A review by BONJOVI4EVR /

1. Let It Rock: Great beggining. Creative lyrics. Keyboard sounds like music you would hear at Dracula's castle. 10/10

2. You give love a bad name: Greattttt guitar! I know why this was the bands first numbeer 1 single. It's so great! 10/10

3. Livin' on a prayer: What can I say. "We're half way there-Livin' on a prayer!" So many peoplke have said this is the best song that they have ever heard. This is such a great song. I love the talkbox! Number 3 on my all-time BON JOVI list. 11/10

4. Social Disease: ######## sensual beggining. Good rock and roll song. Catchy guitar, catchy beat, catchy lyrics, catchy song. 10/10

5. Wanted Dead or Alive: The first song I ever learned on guitar. Cowboy theme again like in alot of BON JOVI songs. Sweet guitar solo. 10/10

6. Raise your hands: Sweet Guitar!!!!Richie really proves himself as the best guitarist ever in this song. Awesome beat. Awesome song. 10/10

7. Without love: Some say weakest song on the album but its really not. Has a good message if you listen closely. Definatly the shortest song on the album. 10/10

8. I'd die for you: Great mixture keyboard and guitar and sweet beat. Tico is a great drummer. Has a message and all guys feel this way at some time in their lives. 10/10

9. Never say goodbye: I think this song is about soul mates. How no matter how big a fight thewy have they get back together and then they had so many good times together. This song may have a hidden meaning about Jon and Dorthea. 10/10

10. Wild in the streets: My second favorite song on the album. Great rock song. Strong way to finish an album. The best guitar solo ever! Great chorus. Cant help singing along "we were wild in the streets!" Definatly BON JOVI at their best! 11/10

Rating: 10/10

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