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"Destination Anywhere" Review 9 May 2003
the right destination

A review by The Terminator

Destination Anywhere again show's Jon's brilliance after his great first solo- Blaze of glory, which included such masterpieces like santa fe', blaze of glory and dyin' ain't much of a livin. That albumn is fantastic but destination is betta, it's a brilliant art, with one of the best mixed song collection i've heard, for me it has a touch of These Days in it.

Queen of new orlean is a great song, not the best on the albumn, it has really good lyrics, it shows how jon experimented on this albumn 9.5/10

Janie dont you take your love to town, Reminds me of a these days song which is good, rocky and catchy.

Midnight in Chealsea, hated it - now love it, I first didn't like the change, this is the most different on the albumn, lyrics are fenomonal.

Ugly, My second favorite some of my favorite lyrics ever heard on a BJ albumn, great intro- catchy and verses are my favorite.

Starin at your window with a suitcase in my hand, again different, a softer song, simple and a little depressin.

Every word was a piece of my heart, great song, the title sais it all, great beat, hey now!!

It's just me, killa song, depressin, hard rockin, great solo, great ballad- all in one- top lyrics- best solo on albumn.

Destination Anywhere, words will never express my love for this song, probabley my favorite BJ song and that is a really big statement, intro makes you feel like it's gonna be a bit slow, then it rocks into the verses touching you with it's lyrics which feel like their reachin out and then follows the greatest chorus ever made- the guitar riff in the chorus and then the solo are brilliant

Learnin how to fall, alrite, not all that swell, good beat though and rocky

Naked, pretty good again, different, again a good chorus.

Little city, really good, slow and unique a touch of western in a modern world if you know wat I mean.

August 7, 4:15, great song, loved it at first, the verses are really good and touchin and the chorous quite depressin along with the final verse, I know tonite that there's an angel....

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