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"Bounce" Review 12 May 2003
bouncing back 2 life

best 2 date!

A review by Tristan McCorry /

as soon as i heard everyday i new that bounce would be a fantastic album, possibly bon jovi's best to date.
as the weeks rolled on the anticipation grew and i went into belfast frist thing on monday morning and got my first listen of the album i wasn't disapointed. i walked up to school with a smile on my face due to the fact that these new songs were so powerful.
below is wot i think of each song on the album:

undivided: brilliant opener, seems to give us all an idea of what nyc is like after 9/11. some of the most powerful lyrics ever written. 8/10

everyday: brilliant rock song, almost as good as it's my life although i dont believe it should have been the first song released of the album but got to number 5 in the uk. 8/10

the distance: another brilliant song. extremely romantic, pulls at the heart strings. brilliant guitar riffs from sambora. 7/10

joey: the tempo of the album changes from upbeat guitar to a brilliantly played piana ballad. this song is brilliant storytelling, restoring my belief that you can get more out of a song lasting 4 minutes than a novel. 7/10

misunderstood: i absolutely loved this song, best music video i have ever seen. describes perfectly how every guy feels when they have lost someone they love. 8/10

all about loving you: bon jovi have been criticised for their more recent ballads, being called more pop than rock, but lets face it, jon's getting older and the voice cant reach the high pitch of i'll be there for you. I think this is a brilliant ballad, some of the best lyrics to a ballad i've heard in a long time. 7/10

hook me up: this is brilliant, great lyrics, great guitar, great everything! the music perfectly plays off the lyrics, capturing the desperation of the story we are being told. 8/10

right side of wrong: i still dont know what to think of this song. everytime i hear it it sticks in my head but i find the story that jbj tries to create almost hilarious. the bvest thing this song has going for it is richies solo which almost makes the song passable as a rock tune, otherwise its bon jovi's worst effort to date. 4/10

love me back to life: this makes up for the dissapointment of the previous track. brilliant lyrics, perfect for any couple to listen to. 6/10

you had me from hello: not many people seem to like this track but i think its a brilliant simplistic ballad with great lyrics. yet again the band are criticised for doing too much pop but i fail to agree. 7/10

bounce: best soing on the album, one of the best songs they have ever done!! i cudnt' get over this song when i first heard it, so i gave it another listen, then another one. almost like something out of a van damme or stallone film. you can picture this in any one of the rocky films. definatley should have been the first song released off the album. 10/10

open all night: another good ballad from the band, although i would've preferred a more upbeat song to finish off an almost impecable album. yet more brilliant lyrics and sambora bounces off these with quality guitar riffs. 7/10

overall this is a brilliant rock album not worthy of the criticism it has recieved. sambora has played with more defined riffs instead of his usual longer slos, although some of these come through on some tracks.
overall i think this is bon jovi's most convincing album to date.

Rating: 9/10

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