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"Bounce" Review 15 May 2003
GREAT COMEBACK, keep rockin

this is a very good album, but, i gotta accpet its nothing like the 80s

A review by davejovi /

hey jovi fans

i think this album is a very good piece of work from bon jovi. i know i know, the typical comment about it( this isnt the hair rockin band that it was in the 80s), but still its a VERY GOOD album, top to bottom, and we should always take into account that jon's gettin older and his voice changes. here is my personal rating in each one of the songs:

UNDIVIDED : great song, one of my faves on the album for sure..10/10

EVERYDAY : very good song again, but i dont know why this was given as number 1 single, i think undivided, bounce, all about lovin you (though many its better to start off with a rocking track), give it 9.5/10

THE DISTANCE : song talking about times when ur just willin to do anything to be with the girl.. 8.5/10

JOEY : talks about getting better expectations in life, a good song 8/10

MISUNDERSTOOD : i like this song, but i think its a bit too much pop, nothing else to say... 8.5/10

ALL ABOUT LOVIN YOU : great ballad, talks about the time in your life when you know exactly who was made for you and that u r made to love her and u r all about lovin her ( great to dedicate to a girl!) though this is nothing compared to the clasic ballads of the 80s and 90s i give it 9/10

HOOK ME UP : i think this song is overated. its highly overated here at drycounty. its a good sond but hey its not that HELL OF A SONG. 8/10

RIGHT SIDE OF WRONG : I like this song a lot, one of the best ballads on the album... 9/10

LOVE ME BACK TO LIFE : talks about how someone can make ur problems fade away.. um give it.... 8/10
YOU HAD ME FROM HELLO : I love this track, what a great ballad, i think the best ballads on the album are all about lovin you, right side of wrong, you had me from hello and open all night (wow 4) but take into account theres a couple of them here. 9/10

BOUNCE : greaaaat rocking track no more comments, simple as that,.. 9.5/10

OPEN ALL NIGHT : another very good ballad 9/10

GOOD WORK and come back by bj. keep up the good work and may bon jovi live forever!

Rating: 9/10

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