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"Keep The Faith" Review 4 June 2003
Keep The Faith!


A review by Henric Larsson /

After These Days this is my favourite album. The Bon Jovi comeback became a huge succes in 1992. Can you imagine that they released 6 singles from this album. Here in Sweden Keep The Faith became the best selling one. Im now going to review all songs one at a time.

1.I Belive: The Fifth single from the album. Good opening song with nice guitarr in the begining but hardly the best track of the album. 6/10

2.Keep The Faith: In Concerts everybody starts to scream when they hear the bass playing. It's probably the most famous one BJ's ever made. Nice lyrics and Jon performes at his best on this song. First single released. 8/10

3.I'll Sleep When I'm Dead: I know many of you outhere like this song very much but it's to much old fasion rock n roll for me. Not a personal favourite. 5/10

4.In These Arms: One of My Personal Favourites, I get goosebumps everytime I hear this song. Jon's voice is fitting excellent on this track. Love it.Third Single. 9/10

5.Bed Of Roses: An absolute fan favourite, and what can I say more than that I love this song to. If you listen to the opening guitarr and close your eyes, you can see Richie standing on that mountain playing. Second Single 9/10

6.If I Was Your Mother: You've gotta love this one. This is rock right through it. Everything feels perfect. The violin is beautiful. The Guitarr is rough and brilliant, and I really fancy the drums. 10/10

7.Dry County: The album now reaches a part that you can't find anywhere else. This song is the Bon Jovi anthem. It's a masterpiece. And I love when it tells a story. 10/10

8.Woman In Love: Nice track but nothing special really. Not enough to rise above the other tracks. 6/10

9.Fear: Nice track. A reminder of the old days. With the screaming choir in the background it takes you right back to '84. 8/10

10.I Want You. A powerballad that sounds a bit like Bryan Adams I think. At least at first. OK song but not more 5/10

11.Blame It On The Love Of Rock n Roll: Sounds a lot like like Bad Medicine. Fan favourite but not mine. 6/10

12.A Little Bit Of Soul: They must have had fun while making this one. You can tell that. It's happiness. I like that 7/10

Everything is possible if it's Ok and I believe

Rating: 8/10

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