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"These Days" Review 5 June 2003
Those Were The Days

Those Were The Days

A review by Henke /

This is an album that Jon can look back at and be extremely proud of. The hell with how much it sold because there have been an album like this made. I can't live without it.

1.Hey God. I don't think there is a more obvius album opener than this one. I remember hearing it for the first time. I put it on repeat and listened to for three days. Genius. 10/10

2.Something For The Pain. Not a personal favourite at first but you notice new things everytime you listen to. Rewritten 10 times, and now I see why, they have never made a song like this one. But the really should, that's my opinion. They must have had fun while writing it. Love when Richie sings in the end. 9/10

3.This ain't a lovesong. Lovely giutarr stuff. Very harmonic allthough without the real hitpotential. 8/10

4.These Days. This song is sent from heaven. I love it so fucking much, no I adore it. Itīs perfect. Storytelling lyrics are with spoiled with. Especially not lyrics like these. Thank you Bon Jovi. 10/10

5.Lie To Me. You could analyze this one for a long time. But I don't think I've ever heard a song that makes so much sence. 9/10

6.Damned. It has confusion written all over it. What do I want? What do I need? Questions that could have come from a child. 9/10

7.My Guitarr Lies Bleeding In My Arms: This is a masterpiece. A few of my friends that doesnīt even like BJ can't deny this song's greatness. It's absolutely fenomenal. 10/10

8.It's Hard Letting You Go: Very nice with the smooth synth in the beginning and nice acoustic guitarr. 7/10

9.Hearts Breaking Even. I see a lot of Aerosmith in this one but thats nothing negative. A brake from the īlittle depressive songs. 8/10

10.Something To Believe In. Great drumworks by Tico. An all Jon song. Great Live. 8/10

11.If That's What It Takes. Excellent opening guitarrs. I really appriciete the brake. It rocks. 8/10

12.Diamond Ring. I know a lot of you doesnīt like this song but I find it quite nice. A song you can sing by the fire a dark evening in the summer. 8/10

13.All I Want Is Everyting: Not a personal favoutrite of mine but still like it. 6/10

14.Bitter Wine. OK song. Bt not so exciting. Nice lyrics though.7/10

Rating: 10/10

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