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"Crush" Review 12 June 2003
the best Jovi lp?

not the best lp

A review by dougie /

To be honest with you Bon jovi should of used a more elaborate title and gone back to their slippery days in terms of the music and did something similar to deador alive prayer and you give love a bad name. Or maybe jersey with medicine or living in sin.

Maybe that the money used on the lp should of been used to fund a better selection. But at the end of the day it's the lads choice in terms of what material that they record. For me mystery train is the best song on there along with it's my life and just older.

Maybe the album after Bounce will detemine the mettle of the group and hopefully have the sort of money when they retire in the next 10 years. What sort of album shall they release? A crossroads sequal? or a these days sequal another slippery? Who knows. I'm surprised paul Mccartney hasn't retired with the money he made from the Beatles. Well we can all dream that we've got the groups bank balance especially Jons and Richies as they're co writers on the albums anyway.

Rating: 5/10

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