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"Bounce" Review 20 June 2003
nothin' new

good but it coulda been better

A review by stevemcbeal

despite the pre-release hype (i.e. a 9/11 album and bj's back to basics), the album sounds a bit like Crush.

Before its release, Jon and Richie said something like "we're not in the mood of writing ballads, bla bla bla".

Still, The album is heavier than crush and these days but i have the impression that there's something missing. and, the problem is that i dunno what it is!

undivided is great, heavy in its music and introspective in its lyrics. 10

everyday is good as well but it looks like jon doesn't wanna move on... the song is good but jon's affection with sleep when i'm dead and the impact of it's my life makes jon sing the word "life" or the verb "live" pretty much everywhere in recent times! good but it sounds like a deja vu! 8.5

the distance: good song. 7.5

joey: good, not great. 7

misunderstood: the remixed version is far much better that the album edit. 6.5 (album version); 7.5 (remixed version)

AALY: another Thank You For Lovin Me. Jon's "scream" before the guitar solo demonstrates that he's gettin older... the chorus is great (better than Always itself...) but i don't like the intro (too slow... the DestinationAnywhere Syndrome stroke again...) 7.5

Hook Me Up: good guitar riffs, great message but not my favourite. i mean, it's good but not great. 5.5

Right Side... I personally love this one!

You Had me... I do hate this one. i went bananas when i heard it the 1st time! what the hell is it? 4

Bounce: it's my life + One wild night= Bounce. fair enough... That's great then!!! I love this one! 8

Open all night... if Ally was in my arms... I guess Jon has got a soft spot for Ally (Calista)! 7

Average Mark: 7.5
I thought Bounce was going to be a massive step forward but it ended up being a collection of deja vu.s!

Rating: 7/10

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