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"Bounce" Review 25 June 2003
Bounce Back


A review by Stev-O /

Hey Dudes,

MMM...Bounce, what can I say!?
Maybe its still got to grow on me like Crush but, maybe not! Don't get me wrong I like the album, I love The Distance, You Had Me From Hello, and Open All Night. The other songs are good but on the scale of things I think they lack some soul. When you compare them to songs from Slippery, Jersey, Faith, These Days and even Crush(apart from I Could Make a Living Out of Lovin You. WHAT is that about!?) they pale in to THE DISTANCE! Maybe Bounce came too soon after Crush? Some of the b-sides from Crush were amazing, Stay, Hush, hello, they should've been album tracks!

I'm looking forward to the Acoustic album, I'm just scared the set list is going to disappoint. And that half of it will be Plugged rather than Unplugged! Jon, Richie, Tico just sit down with 2 guitars, a couple of drums and a tamborine, nothin else, please, it would sound amazing!

And of course the triple album box set. Wow, again this has potential to be amazing, but guys please put the right songs on it!! Crush b-sides, b-sides full stop, some are fantastic.

Anyway to summarise on Bounce
Good album, few really good songs, few that will grow on me but never hit the spot and a few that I just like because it BJ. Go buy it peeps, but before you do go buy Slippery, Jersey, Faith, These Days and Crush.

Rating: 7/10

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