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"Bounce" Review 28 June 2003
where is "it"!!!

not quite great but...

A review by Beam

I have been listening to all of B.J's work since i was learning to walk, but have only became a real deal fan in my own right within the past year.

Bounce and Crush r good, but i personally think they have something missing. I think it may be due to the fact that they r much more in tune to pop than to rock ( i felt it was the other way around on earlier records).

It is still a very good record and there are glimpses of old school B.J littered everywhere but it fails to be as deep as any previous records( i will say crush was similar but softer. However i want to make it clear although soft, Crush was still a deeper album tha Bounce)

It's defenitely no New Jersey, my fave album or any These Days(my second best as its darker than usual). Come to think of it can be compared 2 any old albums.

It's still Bon Jovi, Just Bon Jovi for a new audience

Rating: 7/10

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