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"Bounce" Review 11 July 2003
Well I like it even if no one else does

Best album to date

A review by Julie

Undivided - offended some due to 9/11 reference but I like the song because it is a very 'stand up & be counted' - 'not gonna knock me down' kind of song.
Everyday - very fresh coming from them, I enjoyed this as their first single.
The Distance - must admit got lost on the story on this one, but yet another good tune.
Joey - A good storyteller (if you like Livin On A Prayer with Tommy & Gina then you'll like this).
Misunderstood - funny video, I know all the men loved this song, gave you all fresh new excuses to give to your ladies when you done wrong.
All About Lovin You - I love this as a nice, soft ballad - very romantic.
Hook Me Up - Gotta love this for a rock song it kicks ass.
Right Side Of Wrong - similar to Wanted Dead Or Alive I think which is one of my fave songs so I guess I like this too.
Love Me Back To Life - A rock-romantic song???? very cool.
You Had Me From Hello - very sweet - I'd love it if a guy sang this to me - an innocent love song.
Bounce - Another kick ass song. If you like Hook Me Up then this will put you in rock heaven.
Open All Night - a song for the broken-hearted, in need of loving care then this song may soothe the pain a little.

On a whole I loved this album.

Rating: 10/10

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