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"Crush" Review 15 June 2000
Bon Jovi CRUSHes the world!!!

Here it comes... and fans have not waited in vain...

A review by Angela /

It's 17 hard-rocking years of sell-out audiences, platinum albums, accolades, awards, praises, rants and raves, and... needless to say... way cool music which is BON JOVI that we're talking 'bout here, baby!! I swear I could have died waiting for CRUSH to be released and boy, was I in for a treat!! It is like nothing they've done before, surpassing all the No. 1 albums which some critics had touted as their "best ever and no more"... well, I'm sorry, they're back!! And in the fashion WE like it!!

=It's My Life=
It's simply smashing!! I was jumping up and down when I first heard it on radio. So... explosive!! Full of the punch that is ever so characteristic of Jon. And when you get the band back together, it just sounds damn good. Arguably the best track on the album. Little wonder it's a first release.

=Say It Isn't So=
Kinda reminds me of the last solo effort of Jon, DESTINATION ANYWHERE, but edgier. A damn good track, very catchy.

=Thank You For Loving Me=
A soulful number. Jon does his stuff again!! And do I have to stress I love that nasal voice of his? I would have imagined the band would dedicate this track to their fans but then again, guys, you don't really have to, you know!!

=Two Story Town=
Once again, it reminds me of DESTINATION ANYWHERE. One of those with a story of a place, the things that happens there, etc. "It's just the same old sights, the same old sounds..." Well, it's the same old band we love!!

=Next 100 Years=
A classic rock track!!

=Just Older=
Just what we want to say... older... but better!! I love the chorus of this track. Angst-ridden stuff make me melt!!

=Mystery Train=
The accoustic bit at the beginning is quite nice. Another great show of Jon's vocals. One easy-going track, country sounding with a touch of rock.

=Save The World=
Sounds like something Michael Jackson would write but this one's quite different, though still as noble... This is one track which will melt you... imagine you and your guy atop a hill overlooking the city lights, the old Volkswagon headlights on you both, music pumping through the car synthesizer... he tells you all that Jon sings in the song, then pulls out a straw ring he's made for you... Ooooooooooh... I could die... I really could...

=Captain Crash " The Beauty Queen From Mars=
I love the quirky title!! And I love the tune!! One which you can't help but snap your fingers along to. A happy song!! Puts a smile on your face!!

=She's a Mystery=
Jon croons again!! And we don't complain!! The march in the background adds a masculine touch to a soft romantic track.

=I Got The Girl=
A catchy tune. Kinda reminds me of an 80s track which goes something like "so hear it for my boy!!"

=One Wild Night=
The beginning's so cool!! Sorta reminds me of the old Shanghai... or the old records your Granny plays on her gramophone on a hot afternoon. The song itself is quite like a good old rock track. "Nanananananananana…" I love the way Jon does this bridge in the song!!

=I Could Make A Living Out Of Lovin' You=
An 80s feel to it. Hard-rockin'!!

My fave 5:
1) Crush
2) Save The World
3) One Wild Night
4) Captain Crash " The Beauty Queen From Mars
5) Just Older
in that order!!

Something quite irrelevant I came up with:
"Captain Crash has one wild night with the Beauty Queen from mars as they save the world on board the mystery train. After the next 100 years, they reach the two story town, finding themselves just older, say it isn't so... just wiser...

Captain Crash: She's a mystery but I got the girl...
Beauty Queen: Thank you for loving me...
Captain Crash: It's my life and I want to share it with you... besides, I could make a living out of lovin' you..."

Rating: 10/10

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