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"Slippery When Wet" Review 15 July 2003
what can we do without BJ???

A review by bj biggest fan /

This album is fabulous, because in every song, we can feel all the passion, the determination and the youth of the member, and I think it's just so great!!!

Let it rock: PARTY TIME!!!!
You give love a bad name: really good rocking tune, lyrics great, i love it!!!
Livin' on a prayer: it's nice that they tought of telling a story, i really like this song!
Social Disease: all the youth of the
Wanted dead or alive: this song is great, but i don't really like this country-western melody..
Raise your hands: PARTY TIME!!!
Without love: the lyrics are so true.....without love, there's nothing man....
I'd die for you: I can describe this song by other word than: FANTASTIC!!!
Never say goodbye: this beautiful ballad makes me want to cry....:'(
Wild in the streets: PARTY TIME!!!LOL

Rating: 10/10

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