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"New Jersey" Review 25 July 2003
absolute masterpiece

A review by davejovi /

Hey BJ fans, here's my review on NJ, which I believe is a masterpiece. I've been a BJ fan for about a year and a half, and I love each album they have produced. I have never thought of my fav. jovi album, because i love them all. its so hard for me to define my fav. Ok so on with the review... (an 8 means its a very good song, a 9 means its GREAT, and 10, its even greater)

Lay your hands on me: hard drums, hard guitar, great vocals. A very good energizing opener. 9/10

Bad Medicine: To tell the truth, I didnt like this much at the beggining, but it grew on me. I thought this song was a lil overrated. But what can I say, its a #1 hit and a BJ classic. 9.2/10

Born To be my baby: I loved this song from the moment I heard it, very powerful love song. 9.7/10

Living in sin: Wow. this is one of my bj all time favs. Its a masterpiece. no more to say. 10/10

Blood on blood: I didnt like this song that much as I like it now when I first heard it. now i love it. 8.9/10

Homebound train: Great guitar and keyboards, and full of power. I love Jon's voice here. I think its missing something that would had make it have a 9. 8.9/10

Wild is the wind: Very, very nice song. I love it. Everything is very good.This song has "it". which last track lacked. 9.5/10

Ride cowboy ride: ?? What is this I thought. I just thnk of it as the opener for the next greeeaaat song.

Stick to your guns: This song is awesome. I love the guitar and the classic cowboy theme into it. 9.5/10

I'll be there for you: What a song huh? this is a big BJ classic, and this really raises emotions. It's so full of power and feelings. It's everything you want to hear, it's incredible, it's a 10.

99 in the shade: party! nice guitar and a very good sing a long rocking song. 9/10

Love for sale: Again, like in ride cowboy ride, I thought what the heck? But well, it's BJ. And it has a catchy tune. 7.9/10

Rating: 10/10

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