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"Crush" Review 15 June 2000
A danish review

Bon Jovi is finally back and it was worth the wait

A review by Steffen Risager /

Bon Jovi is back. Just as good as Alwyas. I've always dremt, that they would take me to a Blaze of Glory and show me a bed of roses, 'cause It's my Life, so just Keep The Faith.

Well, a little nostalgic, but it was just a quick summary of what Bon Jovi have made, of great materiel. A lot wasn't mentioned, but there isn't enough words in this world, to descripe the feeling I get, when listening to a Bon Jovi song.

A summary of the songs:

1. It's My life# This is definatly one of the best songs Bon Jovi have ever made. No wonder it was the first single from Crush. The other 3 big: Always, Bed of roses and Blaze of Glory.

2. Say it isn't so# In the verse this song is good, but in the chorus it's too much of a ballad. An ok song.

3. Thank you for loving me# "Well,No problem Jon" was my first thought when I heard this song. A good song. I especially like the end of the song.

4. Two Story Town# Yet another good song. The start is good. It's nice to get "inside" the studio and hear them count.

5. Next 100 years# This song is the "Not quite as good as the other on the album" song. It's too long. It should have stopped be4.

6. Just older# One of my favorite on this album. En excellent song. Especially the 2'nd verse is superb, with the guitar in the background. "It's good to see your face". I can't wait to see yours Jon in Göthenburg, August the 10'th.

7. Mystery train# Yet another good song. Again, the start is very good. Very good song.

8. Save the world# Yet another good song.
"I never went to college,
I don't have a deegree."

9. Captain Crash " the beauty queen from Mars# This song could probably win an award for "Most descriping song title". A happy song, which is good if U're depressed. A happy song. Will always get U in a good mood

10. She was a mystery# Aren't all girls? Well, yet another good song.

11. I got the girl# The worst song on the album. It's still good but it just don't have the high standards as the other songs.

12. One wild night# An excellent song. I like the start with that cartoon sound and then the riff. A good song for any party.

13. I could make a living out of lovin' you# The bonus track. Yeat another good song.

An album that definatly deserves a rating of 10/10. No doubt about that.

Top 5:
1. It's my life
2. Just older
3. One wild night
4. Captain Crash " the beauty queen from Mars
5. Two story town

Hope U'll like this review. THere may be some spelling and gramatic mistakes in this review. Just ignore them. I'm still learning.

Rating: 10/10

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