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"New Jersey" Review 5 August 2003
Woah!!!!what a record!!!!!

A review by bj biggest fan /

Whoah!!!!!New Jersey is such a great record!!!I mean, don't you ever wonder how some people can write those songs???They're so good!!!!Well, New Jersey is very good..but there's a question I need to ask...What's the purpose of songs like Ride Cowboy Ride or Love for sale???I mean, there was surely something not going good in their head when they wrote those songs!!!!lol anyway...

Lay your hands on me: AWESOME!!!!I love this classic rock driving tune!!!!

Bad medecine: they blow me out with this song!!!

Born to be my baby: You listen to it one time, you've got it in your head forever...

Living in sin: Good but not as well as the others...

Blood on Blood: really great!

Homebound Train: this melody is so simple and fun to listen!!!

Wild is the wind: this song is one of my favorites of all their songs!!!good beat, good lyrics, good song!!!

Ride Cowboy Ride: ...

Stick to your guns: I really love this song. it got something that captivate people, even if its not your type of songs...

I'll be there for you: One of their greatest hits, one of my favorites, that song is just great!!!I can't find words for this songs, its just..MARVELOUS!!!

99 in the shade: i dont really like this song,but its not that bad!

Love for sale: comments!

In summary, this record is just too great!!!!

Rating: 10/10

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