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"Bounce" Review 5 August 2003
what's going on????

A review by bj biggest fan /

Bounce is good, but there's something about it that makes me think Bon Jovi's going down...I'm such a huge fan, I like almost all their songs but Bounce look more like a pop album than a rock album...I just don't know what happened with the good old rockin' tune like lay your hands on me, In and out of love, Bad medecine, Livin' on a prayer etc, and the powerful ballads like Always, BEd of roses, I'll be there for you...I Want the Old BonJovi back!!!They're softening their self, and their loosing the touch. I know they can make something as good as they already did, but stop experimenting, and stick to what you are guys!!!!A really good ROCK BAND!!!

Rating: 7/10

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