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"Crush" Review 16 June 2000
CRUSH review

Not their best, but still a CRUSHing effort.

A review by Mike

Well, it's been 5 long years since the last group effort, but it's been worth the wait! Overall, the whole album is top notch, all the songs are very well done. Truly Bon Jovi doing what they do best.

Starting out with It's My Life, two words; great song! Going back to the basics and recapturing that Livin' On A Prayer feeling. Even giving a nod to a couple of old friends who stood their ground.

The first ballad on the album, Thank You For Loving Me is possibly one of the best ballads I've heard in a long time, and in my opinion, Bon Jovis' best ballad hands down. The other ballads on the CD, and they're aren't that many, are also good, but not as good as this one. This one has to be a single.

Then ther's Just Older, aka Blood On Blood part 2. This song just rocks, another song that is really odl school, sounding more like a Springsteen song than Bon Jovi. Gotta be the Jersey sound.

On the down side though, not all the songs on the album are easy to get into.(Mystery Train, She's A Mystery). And this takes off the perfect 10 rating. It's close, but dosen't quite have the same feeling as Keep The Faith, what I think was Bon Jovi's best.

In conclusion, if Bon Jovi wants to wait 4-5 years to put out an album with end results like CRUSH, I'll gladly wait till 2005 for a second helping.

Rating: 9/10

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