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"These Days" Review 12 August 2003
These Days Review

A review by Firebird /

These Days

When this album had been released, I did not like it at all, but when I put in in my CD-player some years later, I began to love it. No idea how I could reject this one.

1.Hey God - 9.0/10
A very powerfull and angry song. Bon Jovi show their hard side with this great opener. Quite controversial to blame God...

2.Something for the Pain - 9.1/10
This song sounds funny and happy, if you do not listen carefully to the lyrics. When I did, I thought, wow, how right ,everybody feels like this somedays. A very nice song.

3.This ain't a Love Song - 8.8/10
Great tone and very nice melody, I especially like the soft ending and the chorus. But not as good as Always or Bed of Roses.

4.These Days - 9.6/10
Wow! So quiet and beautiful in the beginning and then so powerful. This song has something very special in it, it is a real Bon Jovi classic.

5.Lie to me - 8.8/10
A beautiful ballad with big hardache in it. Very emotional and at the same time sounding warm in a way, not easy to explain why.

6.Damned - 7.0/10
A real rocker after a more calm song, but this one is quite forgetable and does not catch me at all, it is one of the weakest songs from this album.

7.My Guitar Lies Bleeding in my Arms - 9.7/10
Wow! Unbelievable sturff! One of the best pieces of art, Bon Jovi ever produced, great guitar, emotional vocals and it just has "it".

8.It's Hard Letting you go - 8.7/10
Oner of these songs, which you like to listen to, when you are just about to gop to bed, calm, but also warm again, a lullaby.

9.Hearts Breaking even - 7.7/10
Nice song, but not more. Not a ballad, not a rocker. It is still a good song, but inferior to most others.

10.Something to Believe in - 9.8/10
This song is a masterpiece. Dark, but catchy, a great song to listen to and Jon scraems like he never did before. Also great in concerts.

11.If that's what it Takes - 9.2/10
This song is better than many fans say. I like the melody. I wonder why this is not very popular.

12.Diamond Ring - 8.9/10
An accoustic song. Why didn't they put more of songs like this on their albums? Great piece of music.

13.All I want is Everything - 7.8/10
Much better than Damned, but still not strong enough to be a classic rocker. One of the weaker songs, but the Talkbox fits just perfectly.

14.Bitter Wine 8.4/10
A good song to end the album, nice, but a little to ordinary to be a great song.

All in all this is a dark and calm album, but still very catchy and I really like this one now.
Rating: 8.8/10

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