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"Bon Jovi" Review 14 August 2003

A review by bj biggest fan /

What can we say about that record....well, it's great, they started very well with this first record. All the songs are great!

Runaway: the one that started all this!!!well, don't ask why, listen to the song, it's .......a miracle!!!lol

Roulette: very good! a good beat but the metaphoric theme is...well....anyway...

She don't know me: good, but could be better. It's more like disco or pop than rock.

Shot trough the heart: reeeeaaaallyyyy good song!!!!it has some feeling, some beat, i love it!!!

Love lies: good, but like the third one, could be better

Breakout: good, driving, party!!!

Burning for love: good lyrics, great song, its another party song!

Come back: this one is not one of my favourite, but its not that bad...

Get ready: same thing. when you're on the party, it's ok, but its not one of my favourite too.

In summary, Bon Jovi is a good record to start a career, but they did better with the other records!!!but I love it because its a Bon Jovi cd!!!!!!lol

Rating: 8/10

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