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"These Days" Review 24 August 2003
I loved those days

Perhaps it was the best...

A review by Christian /

I think it's a great, phenomenal album.
(I can't miss the compliment.)

While I'm writing this text I'm listening to These Days. Everything is perfect on this album, the choruses, the solos and so on. I think they couldn't write better songs after these. Eg: This ain't a love song, that's a well song with well lyrics. Or there is the TD (here I can't take the floor) or eg: the Lie to me. These are perfect songs. And I couldn't say many misguided songs.
My favorite is the "If that's what it takes".

When I firstable hear the album, I didn't find it so good, 'coz it suggested me the Aerosmith. I like them too, but it wouldn't befit to BJ. But when I listened to TD many times I found out that it's 100% BON JOVI.

Finally: This was the best (perhaps).

PS: The Fields Of Fire is cool, too.

Rating: 10/10

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