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"Undiscovered Soul" Review 25 August 2003
Discover your soul

A great comeback...

A review by Blaze /

There ain't no doubt, this is a great solo album.

1. Made in America: This is a song about the patriotism and I think Richie is a 100% American. It's alright...

2. Hard times come easy: It's cool but Richie might've been more positive. It's all the same, it doesn't metter. Even so it is one of the best songs from this album.

3. Fallen from Graceland: The best song. With beauty lyrics and beauty melody. Great...

4. If God was a woman: I've been thinking about this track. What would be if God was a woman??

5. All that really matters: It's one of the best songs, too. It has beauty melody and beauty, beauty lyrics.

6. You're not alone: We're really not alone espacially we listen to this song. Cool...

7. In it for love: It is my second favorite song from the album. Nothing else matters when you're in it for love...
It's got the nicest lyrics, I think. Cooool...

8. Chained: It chained me.

9. Harlem rain: Now I'm listening to this song and it just rains. Is it Harlem rain? No, it ain't... in turn I love the Harlem rain...

10. Who I am: It might have been on the These Days. Perhaps Jon could have sing it better. (perhaps... I don't know) But it is a great song.

11. Downside of love: I used to listen to it when I am misunderstood at the love. It does me good...

12. Undiscovered soul: And finally here is this song what's wonderful. It's perfect.

Discover your soul!!

Rating: 10/10

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