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"New Jersey" Review 25 August 2003
I'm riding, riding

For cowboys just like me

A review by The 1st cowboy /

Hello, I'm a cowboy.
When I first heard this album in 1988 I collapsed. All my life I've been a cowboy and now I'm too and I've really got this "cowboy-feeling" but when I heard this album this feeling grew stronger in me. It has got songs what are full of love, victory, feelings and power, in a word: what a cowboy really needs. I think you guess my favorite song from the album is the "Ride Cowboy, Ride!". Yes, this is my fav. I don't why why, but I could listen to it many times, one after the other. This is just an intro-like song, but it always revs me up. Cool... But can't miss the others. Eg "Born to be my baby" "Living in sin" or my next favorite, the "Wild is the wind" that gives me power, too. Cool... So, finally I'd like to send word to my fellow-cowboys: RIDE COWBOY, RIDE!


P.s.: The cowboys don't lie.

Rating: 10/10

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