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"Crush" Review 17 June 2000
Are the Glory Days Back???

A review by Mike /

Five years is a long time away from the spotlight, much less the Top 40. With virtually every 80s metal band
disfunct, Bon Jovi continue to fight the odds and maintain their platinum status. The combination of their lyrics,
longevity, and of course Jon's good looks have played a major factor in their maintained popularity. CRUSH is another step forward in their musical growth. The band is older, and so are their fans. Hence this ever-evolving sound that started with KEEP THE FAITH and followed by THESE DAYS. Although the lyrics are not as deep as their prior two albums, Bon Jovi fixes this with a classic, eclectic album that includes sweet ballads, up-tempo rockers, and a new, folksy-Jovi sound. CRUSH, the groups best record since NEW JERSEY, is sure to contain many hits and even win many new fans. Here is a track by track listing:

1)IT'S MY LIFE - their best rock song since KEEP THE FAITH, maybe even LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME. It is an up-temp rocker that will balances a sound that enlightens new and old fans.
2)SAY IT ISN'T SO - the biggest hit of the album, could be their first top ten his since ALWAYS. Classic Bon Jovi here, combining a Beatlesque sound with today's hip hop sound that will win more fans.
3)THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME - the big Jovi-patented ballad, this is sure to be a hit with everyone. Not as big as ALWAYS, but it doesn't matter. Richie's soothing guitar insists that you keep on pressing repeat on your cd player.
4)TWO STORY TOWN - is has a Joan Osborne, Tom Petty sound to it. One of weak tracks on the album however, but I can actually see this being released.
5)NEXT 100 YEARS - this fell flat with me. True, it's a new Bon Jovi experimental song, but it has again some Beatlesque influence a la "HEY JUDE" and "A DAY IN THE LIFE". But give em credit for attempting a monstrumental track like this.
6)JUST OLDER - the best song on the album, period. Classic Jovi sound, with mature lyrics that insists that Bon Jovi is not done for. Could be one of their biggest hits.
7)MYSTERY TRAIN - a slow, sweet song, but it just does not do if for me.
8)SAVE THE WORLD - I wonder how big this song would have been if it was on the ARMEGEDDON Soundtrack Classic ballad which again I can see being a hit, though Jovi will probably release only one ballad. Great guitar work by Richie, and I like how Jon has attempted to hit that high note at the end, though he honorably fails.
9)CAPTAIN CRASH AND THE BEAUTY QUEEN FROM MARS - I love this song! It's sad because for some reason I don't see it being released considering their history of only releasing tracks between #1-6. A new Jovi sound, with "doo doo doo" lyrics at the end which make this song even better than it already is. This song is all Richie.
10)SHE'S A MYSTERY - Is this Bon Jovi or Elvis? In some respects it really does sound like the KING, especially Richie's guitar work. I would love to see this song released as a single, because I think it has HIT written all over it. It also has a Bruce SECRET GARDEN inflluence. Anyway, in my opinion, it's the second best song on the album.
11)I GOT THE GIRL - the worst song on the album. Sorry, it tries to be catchy, but it just falls flat.
12)ONE WILD NIGHT - a touch of the 80s mixed in with those "NA NA NA" lyrics make this an enjoyable listen, though again I can see this being released in Europe.

All in all this is Bon Jovi's best album since NEW YERSEY. The lyrics are subpar, but JUST OLDER makes up for that. If Bon Jovi were smart, they would release six songs in total: IT'S MY LIFE, SAY IT ISN'T SO, THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME, JUST OLDER, CAPTAIN CRASH..., and finally ONE WILD NIGHT (for Europe). But where does this place SHE'S A NYSTERY and SAVE THE WORLD? Thank God I'm not Bon Jovi or the record company, though like I said before, I doubt any tracks beyond JUST OLDER will be released.

Best Lyrics: JUST OLDER
Best Ballad: SHE'S A MYSTERY
Best Rocker: CAPTAIN CRASH...


FINAL NOTE: You fans were right all along! This album does grow on you. I could never imagine another Bon Jovi album matching THESE DAYS eclectic/experimental sound, but CRUSH best's that. I can't wait for their US tour!

Rating: 9/10

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