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"These Days" Review 21 October 2003
These Days...I can't go anywhere without this CD

How great is this?

A review by sushi

From the minute the first note of the opening track "Hey God" kicked in, I was immediately hooked. This is without a doubt Bon Jovi's second best album ever!

1- Hey God
I feel that this song so neatly sums up what so many of us are feeling with all the terrorist/war threats going on in the world today.

2-Something For The Pain
Not really any deep meaning to this song but it's good to sing along to at 3am

3-This Aint A Love Song
A pretty damned good love song. Great melody.

4-These Days
the title track. Sums up what this album is all about, baby

5-Lie To Me
A bit sad, but kinda catchy

WICKED!!!!!great guitar solo from the one and only Mr. Sambora.

7-My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms
A real insight into the life of a rockstar.Once you've listened to it, you'll know yourself better

8-(It's Hard) Letting You Go
BEEEAAAUUUTTTIIIFFFUUULLL. the bit at the end bring tears to my eyes.

9-Hearts Breaking Even
My least favourite song on the album. It's kinda hard to get into, but will grow on you a lot!

10-Something To Believe In
The first time I heard this song, i felt that it had been writen for me. It's basically the story of my life so far.

11-If That's What It Takes
Really great. That's all I can say really!

12-Diamond Ring
Really chilled and relaxed. It took me a while to get into, but now i'm definately on it's string

13-Bitter Wine
The perfect song to end the album. A bit darker than some of their stuff, but good all the same.

Even though this wasn't as successfull as 'Slippery' and 'N.J' it has soo much hidden depth and will touch your heart like no other record could do. I love it.

Rating: 10/10

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