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"Crush" Review 17 June 2000
Bon Jovi Is Back And Better Than Ever

This is Bon Jovi's Best Album since New Jersey

A review by Jimmy /

I loved Bon Jovi's 1995 album "These Days" and their 1992 album "Keep The Faith" and I love Jon's 1990 Soundtrack to the Young Guns II Soundtrack. But in those albums, there was something missing. That Bon Jovi Rock N' Roll that we all learned to love in the 80's(1984 - 1989). But when I saw the video for "It's My Life" on VH1, I was thrilled to see the guys so happy!

So I wen out and bought Bon Jovi's new album "Crush", and I was even more thrilled. "Crush" is without a doubt Bon Jovi's best album since "New Jersey". My favorite songs on "Crush" are "Mystery Train", "It's My Life" and "Thank You For Loving Me".

"Thank You For Loving Me" could possibly be one of Bon Jovi's biggest hits if they release it as a single. Lyrically it reminds of another Bon Jovi classic on "New Jersey" called "I'll Be There For You".

The only complaint that I have as a Bon Jovi fan(I've been a fan since 1985), is that there's not enough Richie Sambora Guitar Solos. You know the long loud guitar solos that we heard on previous albums on songs like "Dry County", "Living On A Prayer" and "Never Say Good-Bye"!

As you've probably guessed Richie is my favorite member of Bon Jovi! I think Richie is one of the best guitar players in the world!

Richie and Jon as a songwriting team is like John Lennon and Paul McCartney, it's unbeatable!!! With Jon's voice and lyrics and Richie's awesome guitar playing, Bon Jovi has a hit Album on their hands with "Crush"!

You know something about Richie? Richie is better than his ifleunces. Now I love Eric Clapton, but I have to say this, Richie is better than Eric Clapton!


Rating: 10/10

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