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"This Left Feels Right" Review 14 November 2003
This Left was Right

It is a gutsy move, but it was right - Fresh, Different and Relaxing

A review by Mark Mouttet /

Album : - 'This Left Feels Right'
Rating: - 9/10

Well, what can I say, the title of this album tells it all
'This Left Was Right', it was a gutsy move, but it turnout great, this album is fresh, different and also relaxing. This is the season where practically everybody is releasing a Greatest Hits with one or two new tracks included - nothing new to talk about. It's the same thing year after year. These songs where strip down to the core and reworked, so don't compare them to the orginals, treat them like new songs and you'll appreciate them. I have to admit, I was disappointed when they decided not to release the 'Live' Acoustic CD, I was really looking forward to it. I got one piece of advise to all Bon Jovi Fans and non-Bon Jovi Fans purchase this album, listen to it and it will take you on a different journey, you will not be disappointed. The Album is one of kind and no other Band or person would have taken this kind of risk or chance than the Greatest Band in the World 'Bon Jovi' (a trend might start with this!!!!!, it happen before (twice)). I will repeat! Listen to it, not with negativity, this album is fresh, different and different and I believe it could be come one of the classic albums of all times. Jon, Richie, Dave, Tico and Hue 'Great One' I love it, I think you should release some tracks (example 'Everyday'(Great Version), 'Keep the Faith', 'Born to be my baby' and 'WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE' (To bad it didn't have I guitar solo in it , it would have made it a greater song, I love this one).

Good luck guys internationally and I wish this album and you all the best

Thanks again and continue bringing out great music (I'm still to see the band live and I hope to do that on your next tour)

Rating: 9/10

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