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"Crush" Review 18 June 2000
The Boys Are Back In Town...Not old, just older

Exceptional album: grown up with the same spirit!

A review by Colin Burchfield /

If you listen closely to Jon's lyrics, he tends to get rather deep. Most superficial awareness is by-passed when thought of from the vantage of a rock star of his caliber.
Often he talks about romance that really seems to indicate his relationships with the fans...listen to 7800...the references there are often about how things were going with the band, critics, and fans. From this perspective, It's my life is the perfect first single from the new album Crush because it says, hey, we've been here for seventeen years and we have fans who haven't backed it's time for everyone to listen up again...Looking at it the album this probably is one of the rawest most straightforward rock albums of Bon Jovi's career...without the melancholy of These Days and the young adult playboy fun of is grown up and honest...very respectful of their roots and realistic about the present...they are definitely demonstrating a strong teleology and if they live that long, this album does prove that they will be around for the next 100 years!
Stick to your guns,

Rating: 10/10

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