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"Bounce" Review 17 January 2004

This is not a review of Bounce or any album but i think you all shou;ld read it

A review by BONJOVI4EVR /

First off, heres what I rate all the Albums:
Bon Jovi-10/10
7800 degrees-10/10
Slippery When Wet-20/10
New Jersey-15/10
Keep the Faith-10/10
Cross Road-15/10
These Days-10/10
One Wild Night-1010
This Left Feels Right-10/10

While I'm reading the reviews of the Crush album and the Bounce album, I come accross some where people say they are "true Bon Jovi fans" but they critisize the album. Now I dont know if this will evene be published on the site but call me crazy, IF YOU WERE A REAL FAN YOU WOULD LIKE EVEYTHING ABOUT THE BAND! People, you are not a true fan if you can not accept all works of the band. Theres one review, the person claims they're a real fan then critisize all of the power ballads that the band has done. Sorry, but this is the band you claim that you are a fan of. How can anyone be a fan that doesnt like the type of sonfgs that made the band what it is?

I am a very oppionionated person and I am a BIG BIG BIG BON JOVI FAN and I take offense to people that critisize them. If you don't like their new music or some aspects of their old stuff then fine. Just dont ever say you are a Bon Jovi fan.

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