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15 July 2001 - Detroit, MI, USA Concert Review 16 July 2001

A review by B. Hughes from Detroit

It's a show I could see every night,I guess thats why I'm going back for round 2 the very next day. It seems every time I take someone to thier first Bon Jovi show they all say the same thing "DAMN!! I never knew". That's the exact reaction I got once agian. As the band rolled on early in the night with such hits as BAD NAME,BORN TO BE MY BABY,KEEP THE FAITH and a song I never expected to see live RAISE YOUR HANDS. The Detroit crowd went nuts throwing thier hands in the air and singing as loud as they could. As the sun started to set the familiar tones of BED OF ROSES rang out. Then Jon declared "the show was about to kick in to second gear!". They roared into song such as LIVIN ON A PRAYER, IT'S MY LIFE and surprise song of the night WILD IN THE STREETS.

Jon went on to say that they've been celebrating Richie's birthday all week, and to the surprise of the die hard fans Richie went on to sing STRANGER IN THIS TOWN. An excellent blues song, that the band (all but Jon) played on. For me a fan since '83 the show could have ended their. But in true Bon Jovi fashion they played on breaking into LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME which threw the crowd into a frenzy! Following that was the classic one two punch of SLEEP WHEN I'M DEAD into BAD MEDICINE. Then the band went back stage for a well deserved break. When they came back the encore began with I GOT THE GIRL, followed by an 8 minute version of I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU. Jon said goodnight and the band left the stage agian. A couple minutes later they came out agian! to play what Jon called "thier national anthem" WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE the Detroit crowd sang the whole first verse and you could tell Jon appreciated it. Then the band all lined up to take a bow and started to walk off when David Bryan pulled Jon back to the stage for one final song a better than the original version of TWIST AND SHOUT that capped off one HELL!! of a wild night.

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