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9 July 2001 - Minneapolis, MN, USA Concert Review 19 July 2001

A review by Anneline Arnachillam /

Hi my name is Anneline and I am from South Africa. I was given a wonderful opportunity by my friend in Minneapolis, Debbie Syverson when she offered me her spare Bon Jovi ticket....and because he will never come back to SA, I decided to take her up on the offer, break into my savings and go.So I travelled for 27 hours and arrived there on Sunday, 08/07 for the concert on 09/07, which was worth every bit of the 27 hours of traveling there. Jon and the boys were unbelievable.Such a wonderful show. The fans couldn't have asked for more. The setlist was great....and the only one that was missing was Bed of Roses...but I cant complain. I was very impressed with the fact that they included Born to be my Baby....that's one of my all time favourites of theirs and actually set me on the track in 1988, when I started to follow Bon Jovi.

My only disapointment, was that I wasn't closer to them in terms of the stage...and I would have loved to have been noticed as the fan who travelled halfway across the world to come and see them perform. We tried to tell the local radio stations, but I fear they didn't believe us, because no one is crazy enough to do that! But needless to say I was and to Jon and the Boys....Thank you for an excellent concert and treasured memories. I do wish I could have had 5 seconds with you guys, especially Jon, to tell you'll how much I adore you'll and your music.....but I guess I can always hope. I even at some point when I left Minn, on Friday, contemplated coming to your concert in Chicago, because that is where my connecting flight to home left from. Thanks again boys! I love you guys!! Please please please consider coming to South Africa....I have tried to explain my experience to my friends and family...but its nothing like seeing the real thing. Unfortunately they aren't as crazy as me to trek almost 12000 miles to come and see their idolized band!!!!!!!!

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