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8 September 2000 - Nuernberg, Germany Concert Review 12 September 2000

A review by Liz /

Yes, it was real hot, both the weather and the show! The nearly 80.000 people couldn't wait until Bon Jovi entered the stage! The show started at 6 pm with the Alternative Allstars (Supersonic) and Reamonn (Supergirl) and finally at 8.15 pm, after a looong intro, Tico, Hugh, David, Richie and Jon came on stage, starting with Livin' on a prayer, crashing right into You give love a bad name and Captain Crash and the beauty queen from Mars! Jon was dressed all in gold and Richie wore his glittering trousers. They all looked real happy and relaxed, Richie made his funny faces, Jon smiled all the time, jumped up and down, danced, couldn't even stand still for one second ? they seemed to really enjoy their last and biggest concert in Europe! The crowd went mad! They did all their famous songs, some from the new album, Say it isn't so (it really kicks ass live!), Just older, One wild night and of course It's my life! Bed or roses, Bad Medicine, Runaway (I love the acoustic version), forgive me, I can't mention everything they did. When they started Lay your hands on me, Jon went down the stage and shook hands with the fans in the first rows, I wish I'd been there....! As I love the record "These days" I was longing to hear something from this one, and, yes, they did These Days! This was something like a present to me, cause they didn't peform this song very often, and I quite don't understand why. The people's reaction to These days was amazing, everyone was happy to be part of this moment. When starting Sleep when I'm dead, Jon started to sing along with us, and of course at first he wasn't satisfied with our performance, same procedure as every concert, I really love and look forward to it! He told us about his Hollywood plans, how he went to Venice the last week, how he was sitting in a hotel room, someone's knocking on the door, guess who??? It's very funny when he slowly turns around, looks at the band standing right behind him, they are smiling at him as if they wanted to say "you know, it was us...!", then he slowly turns around towards the fans, there's no need to say anything, he just smiles...He's a real good performer and storyteller, everybody just listens. Rocking all over the world and Shout, this is the end of the official show, but of course they came back! They surprised us with a beautiful version of I'll be there for you, the crowd sang along, it was absolutely great to hear this song, everybody was happy, thousands of hands were waving, a great moment. Wanted dead or alive, Next 100 years and Keep the faith were the last songs of this evening, I guess everybody was hoping that they would do a third encore. We kept on singing the chorus of I'll be there for you, but unfortunately they only waved goodbye, smiled at us and left the stage. Then the fireworks began. This was one of the best concerts I've ever seen, it would have been great if they'd played Thank you for loving me as third encore (not to mention Always...), but I really enjoyed it and can't quite believe that the German leg of the tour is over now. But remember what Jon said in Nurenberg: "I guess I'll be back next summer!" Yes, we hope so!!! Thanx for this great concert!

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