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8 September 2000 - Nuernberg, Germany Concert Review 14 September 2000
Was it good ?

A review by Afan /

75,000 people and most of them were there by 6pm when we arrived.

Impressive set, but you could hardly see it. My wife who is 5'6'' could not see a thing. The ground seemed to be sloping down away from the stage and the tv screens were set low as well.

The concert started at 8.15pm by which time we were crushed by the crowd - now we now how the concert tour got its name.

By 9pm we decided to leave. After fighting our way to the exit, we found you could see more of the stage from the entrance road than form the concert field, we could also see the TV mopnitors. So stayed and watched the rest of the concert from here.

Any BonJovi concert is good, but after travelling 650km and spending US60 just for an entrance ticket to see nearly nothing, we felt short changed.

However someone the promoter or the band made an awful lot of money that night.

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