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15 July 2001 - Detroit, MI, USA Concert Review 24 July 2001
An honest review

A review by mopete316 /

I 've been to many a rock concert, so I was looking forward to sunday night. It was a busy weekend at Pine Knob, with Tom Petty, Aerosmith, and Bon Jovi all playing the same weekend. I went to all three and was actually looking forward to Bon Jovi the most as they were the only one I hadn't previously seen.

What I got was a good, but not great concert. I know this may shock a lot of you because it doesn't suck up to the band completely, but I don't really see the point of doing that. I consider myself a big Bon Jovi fan, having all their albums, and was mildly disappointed.

It was a good show overall, great atmosphere and crowd, but my biggest complaint would have to be the condition of Jon's voice. It clearly can't handle the strain of back to back nights. He was either saving himself for the next night or paying for the night before, but it was clear he's no where near where he was in the late eighties. This was evidenced by the way he sang songs differently to avoid high notes, had an excessive amount of crowd participation, and had the rest of the band chained to their mike stands to cover for him. The crowd covering for him was the worse. I know this is a concert staple, but not to these extremes. There were multiple songs were the crowd sang more of the song than he did. I paid sixty bones to hear him sing, not drunken high school girls.

He still sounds great in the studio so i'll keep buying their albums, but on at least half the songs, he was covering up. So half a concert of rocking equals good but not great. If you've seen the concert special the fox family channel is showing, you know what i'm talking about. the voice problems that arose during the New Jersey tour haven't gone away. The bands still better than most, but not up to the high standards they've already set for themselves.

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