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22 July 2001 - Hershey, PA, USA Concert Review 27 July 2001
An Awesome Show!!!

A review by Cece /

This was my first concert ever and i was sooooo happy that it was BonJovi, even tho i wasn't born when there first CD came out in 1984 their still my absloute favorite band. I was only very slightly dissapointed when they didn't play any ballads. Jon looked a little winded during the performance but he still did an awesome job. I thought it was a totally surprise when Richie did "A stranger in this town" but in sounded awesome! Eve6 did a good job to usually when you think of BonJovi you don't think of Eve6 and them in the sanme catagorey but now you'll have to.It proves that BonJovi can still rock like they used to!!!

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