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22 July 2001 - Hershey, PA, USA Concert Review 27 July 2001
Quit being so critical!! They're all great shows!!!!

A review by Kimi /

GEEEEEZ!!! Why does everyone have to be soooo critical??? The Hershey show was great!! Even though this even though that but.... blah blah blah....I've been to 8 of their shows since 1986 - 3 since November and I thought they all ROCKED!! OF COURSE THEY'RE TIRED, EXHAUSTED and POOPED I wonder how many of you could do a tour of over 200 (or whatever) shows in almost as many days and see if it wouldn't show on you!! The songs they selected were great! They'd have to play for 2 days to please everyone, RIGHT?? Jon sounded great for having a cold and being exhausted but I don't think it showed that much if at all. As for the guy who thought they sounded aweful - well he needs to either take out his ear plugs or get better seats!! Why do people wear those stupid things anyway?? We were in sec. D next to the sound and spotlight stage in the middle - it was loud and awesome. I do think a concert sounds alittle better inside (louder). I like it loud!!!!

Yes, I also think the security was REDICK!! BUT THEY DIDN'T GET MY FILM HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

I've been to (literally) 100's of concerts in my life (I'm 37) and IF I had to rate them they'd be tied with only two other bands VAN HALEN and KISS!! FRONT ROW SEATS for both!!AWESOME!! Although i have yet to get front row or even close well kinda close to the best looking - no - HOTTEST man on stage EVER!! In a show, I look for loudness (without distortness-you know what i mean), showmanship (you can tell if they are REALLY enjoying themselves), the show as a whole (the rest of the band, lights etc.) and HOW MUCH THEY MAKE ME ROCK!!! Hey - how bout that first outfit Jon had on??? OMG! I wish he'd take his shirt off just once for a minute during the show but oh well, we'll all have to dream....Hey did someone punch the bitch who grabbed Jon's package and made them quit early last week???

I hate to sound bitchy about the reviews but god, give the guys a break - they always sound great and they always look great - that's all that counts. Hey and this is coming from someone (me) who is 7 weeks pregnant and sick as a dog to make the trip and I had to sit through about 90% of the show because I was really crampy so my Dr. said to sit...I didn't think it was worth a miscarrage - anyway I had a great time EVEN THOUGH I couldn't see alot except everyone's ass jumping in my face!!! I couldn't dance, clap, jump, sing, or SCREAM like everyone else - so boo hoo to me but I sang really loud inside!!

I'll be watchin Sunday night!! Hey I can't believe they played "Lay your hands on me" They hardly ever play that - It made my night as does "Wanted" Ya know what? EVERY song they play makes my night!!! Ok - I'm done.....


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