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19 August 2000 - London, UK Concert Review 9 October 2000
BJ Kicked Ass

A review by Matthew Long /

The concert started off with one of the suppport bands who were the Dum Dums who I must say were an utter pile of crap.Every song was made up of the same chords with different lyrics.Next were Toploader who were quite good.Things were getting a bit cold and boring but then the big screens started to come to life,the Band appeared backstage and started making their way to the stage.Then they ran out and Wembley Stadium went absolutley mental.

They opened up with London Calling and I could tell there were a few sound problems.Then they went into Livin' on a Prayer and you could tell at this point they were back to their usual 'Rock This Stadium' selves.The entire thing was amazing and my Jeans nearly exploded with excitement when Richie did the most amazing solo I have ever seen on Next 100 Years.

This was a kick arse Concert.


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