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25 July 2001 - Boston, MA, USA Concert Review 31 July 2001

A review by Lauri Richards /

July 25, 2001

Again, what can I say? Bon Jovi took my breath away - as did the awesome Boston crowd!

Hearing Jonís voice again was like visiting an old friend. And the roar of appreciation from the crowd was like being swept away by a tidal wave!

Once again it was first pumping, hand clapping, awesome rock ní roll! Jonís voice sounded excellent - they only had one technical glitch through the evening which was when Richieís amp blew. But in typical Jon fashion, thatís rock ní roll and it was no problem - he sang an acoustic version of Saturday Night for us.

It was an extremely sweaty, hot, humid night but the people left drenched not only from the weather, but from the dancing, singing & cheering. They had a very plain stage - not the roof top one ( I donít think their stage would have fit) so they just came out from behind a curtain.

We sang the first part of Wanted - the crowd was right on & the band loved it! They sang One Wild Night, Bed of Roses, Iíll Sleep When Iím Dead, Blaze of Glory, Faith, Prayer, Lay Your Hands on Me, Bad Name, Bad Medicine, Stranger In This Town, Blood on Blood, Born To Be My Baby and Older just to name a few.

During Lay Your Hands on Me, Jon jumped up and played keyboards with Dave - very cool! Hope the picture turns out on that one! Mine and my friends happy moment was during Older when we held up our banner that said "Bon Jovi. Like fine wine babyÖ It ALL gets better with age" (this was the banner that I hand stitched with felt letters on material for the UK shows) and Jon looked over and read the whole thing with guitar in hand and smiled at us. We only held it up when he looked our way because we didnít want to block peoples views for too long - but he looked at it twice which was cool and then security very politely asked me to put it away to which I absolutely complied - heíd seen it twice which was awesome for me and I hope he liked it.

They did 1 encore basically which included Wanted & Sleep but the crowd cheered so lound that they did Tequila and Twist & Shout (there were other songs in here somewhere but I just canít remember them all).

With smiles evenly spread for all the boys, they thanked the Boston crowd and left to prepare for New Jersey.

Despite the intense heat & humidity, it was an awesome night. I showed the Thank You Book around and got to finally meet Shari, Debbie & Aimee. Tammy & AZLori - Iím so sorry, we got there at 8:25pm and had no time to find you.

Well itís on to Jersey on Thursday where my friends are guaranteed for the BBQ & sound check and Iím on a waiting list. Iím taking the banner to Giants too where Iíll do the same and hold it up when heís looking my way (I would never hold it up for long because of the people behind me). See you in Jersey everyone!

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