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16 June 2001 - Milton Keynes, England, UK Concert Review 20 August 2001
*****totally ROCKED***** - sorry this is 2 months later

A review by loretta /

OMG, guys! i know it's been 2 bloody months now since the concert, i went on every single bon jovi website to submit my reviews (of the MK concert)... i gotta tell ya, every time i write the reviews (of the same concert) my adrenalin just goes up to the very peak and stays there for the rest of the day, and i can't help that. i can't get it out of my mind even after 2 months!!!

i came all the way from my school in dorset. 3 weeks before the concert i was already excited when i got the ticket, and was wondering what nuts would i be when i'm in that stadium since this is gonna be my first BJ concert! i went alone, but it was definitely worth it! i got there at about 1pm and the line was already down to the other side u couldn't even see the end of it! well i panicked a bit, then my friend called. she was so excited for me and i asked for her advice on what merchandise i should buy... i would have bought every single thing (even the condom case! - just kiddin'). after the shopping, i went to the back of the line and it started moving after a few minutes. i was so nervous my hands were almost shaking when i got my ticket out. well i don't know why but the line started to move to the opposite direction towards the gate... well i didn't think so i followed those people and get into the bowl for the first time in my life. (i probably jumped the queue... apologies to those people - but it was like a riot anyway... who cares about people jumping the queue?)

i was so lucky i got a really good place just in front of the borderline between the pit and GA area. since i went alone, i stood at that spot for 3 hours, without going to the restroom or anything (i can't imagine how i managed that). matchbox twenty's live performance left me speechless. they sounded almost exactly the same as it is on their record. this might be good or bad, but i have to say the guitarist was good.

okay straight to the highlight of the day (to me: of my life - so far) i love jon's outfit (i know people don't like those sunglasses - i think they're okay) i love it when jon 'presented' richie when he was playing a guitar solo... and the speech jon did in 'saturday' - so touching... i cried during 'i'll be there for you'... for 'twist and shout' and 'tequila' - jon is so good at controlling the crowd when he asked the guys to dance with girls; i couldn't stop laughing at his jokes! he's got such perfect sense of humor! and is there any better way to end the gig by prayer? absolutely everyone was singing by that time we sang the chorus for 5 or 6 already when jon finally came back on stage. the gig lasted for almost 3 hours, and the boys were physically and emotionally exhausted (as u saw jon collapsed at the end)... and they got the cardiff show to do the next day, i don't know how the hell they did it! anyway, this is definately the best i've ever seen so far, although it's my first BJ show, it will certainly NOT be the last! hope they're gonna do another tour next year.

the last thing is the organization that did the shuttle bus thing. i didn't even see a damn shuttle bus and i almost got lost coz i gotta walk all the way to the train station (so did a hell lot of people) when i get back to london, it was already 2 am. apart from this, i LOVE this show, i LOVE bon jovi. keep this up, boys! thank you sooooooooo much for the great music. cheers.

p.s. sorry i've written too much but it's already summarized!

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