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16 June 2001 - Milton Keynes, England, UK Concert Review 19 October 2001
My first, but definitely not my last, Bon Jovi concert

A review by Gav /

Well, I've never been to a concert before but I seriously doubt I'll go to a better one than this. I have been a huge Bon Jovi fan for ages, learning to play the guitar because of them and mimicking Richie as closely as is humanly possible. Now I have seen them live, they have proved beyond doubt that they are, and always will be, the greatest band on the face of the earth (as if it was ever in question!).

We arrived at 14:00 and managed to get a pretty decent spot about 50 metres from the stage. But for some reason at about 15:30, everyone just got up and rushed forwards. So now we were packed like sardines, albeit just 20 metres from the stage now.

After standing for 4 hours, and no longer able to feel my legs, the show began. Personally I didn't think that much to the support groups, although, of the two, I thought Delerious were the better crowd-pleasers.

Everyone waited as the well-known Cuban music came on the speakers which hailed the inevitable intro of One Wild Night and what an intro! The atmosphere was truly explosive and the crowd erupted as they took the opener away.

The later renditions of It's My Life and by Born to be my Baby were two of my personal favourites with everyone cheering Richie's blistering guitar solos and Jon's crazy antics on stage which evidently left him quite shattered by the end of the night.

The one song which is I consider, the BEST song ever written, was the one that I was worried they weren't gonna do as they drove through their encores. But how can you go to a Bon Jovi concert and come away not having seen them perform Livin' on a Prayer!?

After some rather strong hints from the crowd in the way of chanting the chorus repeatedly, the band finally came back out for the finale. Whilst the other guys took their positions, Jon sang the chorus through once more with us and then they simply blew everyone away. Ooweh woa woa!!!

Quite literally the best night of my life and by the end of it I really couldn't give a s**t that I couldn't feel my legs, I was still on a high and was for a long time after we'd left. Absolutely brilliant!

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