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22 July 2001 - Hershey, PA, USA Concert Review 27 February 2002

A review by linalilee /

Maybe it was because it was my second concert for that tour, but this concert didn't impress me much. Jon was tired out...which i can understand..honestly...he had to save up for the Jersey concerts...but love ALWAYS!!!! I was so disappointed to not hear any slow songs, especailly after not hearing my favorite song, ALWAYS, at the first concert in Philly that i had been to the previous year.

But i can't put down the entire concet...i mean i did have 5th row seats and was sooo very close to Jon...but to be honest my favorite part of the entire concert was when Richie sang one of his songs.

But I'll still be there for their next concert on their next CD. A true BJ fan never stops!

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