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9 November 2005 - Columbus, OH, USA Concert Review 11 November 2005
Why My First Concert Was SOOOOO Amazing

A review by RagDoll /

This concert, was my first rock concert EVER! As soon as the lights came up, after Bon Jovi had hit the stage, I KNEW why I was there. The starting song, "Last Man Standing" REALLY kicked it off nicely. As the progressed, they did, my personal favorite off the new HAND album, 'Complicated'. But what really amazed me the most, is when they went from 'Have A Nice Day', to 'Raise Your Hands'. My jaw dropped as I watched all 18,000-20,000 people raise their hands to the sky, in honor of the boys. It was truly amazing, and Jon, as I had been told was his usual, was still AMAZINGLY energetic! He and Richie did an AMAZING rendition of 'I'll Be There For You'. And yes, this was my first concert. I'm just sooooo glad it was the boys I got to see, not some second rate no name band. Towards the end of the concert, Richie began to get really hilarious. Wearing a red fuzzy fedora, with a gold jacket, and jeans. Jon laughed at him, making the comment "What in the world are you wearing?" I was very pleased with the way they ended the concert with 'Wanted Dead Or Alive'. It was truly amazing, and worth the trip all the way from Tennessee to Columbus.I hope to do it again, maybe for Atlanta! And that's why, my first rock concert EVER, was SOOOOOO truly amazing....

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