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2 December 2005 - Philadelphia, PA, USA Concert Review 6 December 2005
Round 1

A review by BonJovi4ever /

First off, I was on the floor in section 4 on the far left so I had a great view. The opening band was pretty good though I missed half of their set. Then around 8:30 the lights went off and Cypress Hill's "Rock Superstar" hit (who would have thought that they would be coming out to a rap song). As the screen lowered and the band began to take the stage, Jon came out of the tunnel through the floor area and then onto a platform in the engineering and sound pit. After opening up with "Last Man Standing" Jon jumps down and starts heading up the middle and all of a sudden cuts left and walks right past me so I reach out as he goes by and got a hold of him, FINALLY after 19 year!

He then hit the stage with the band to play "...Bad Name" and then into the new stuff with "Complicated." In all they played for 2 1/2 hours and did 24 songs, 7 of them being from HAND! This was the first time they played that many songs from the new album. This has been about the 13th time I have seen them and though Jon always shows energy this time he really looks like he's having fun and not all tied up in trying to hard to put on a good show. He looks more relaxed and in touch with the fans. Good job Jon! Def one of my fav shows to date!

The highlights from the show had to be:
1-Jon jamming to his guitar at the end of "Blaze of Glory."
2-His Rocky immitation after the "Bad Medicine" guitar solo when he says he's too old, to throw in the towel so someone did over is head and he went on to say "I'm not a fuckin' quitter!" and then the guys marching towards the crowd to do the last chorus.
3-Richie getting caught up switching guitars for the "Wanted" solo and missed half of it. Jon was like what was that!? How he messed up on one of the best rock solos ever so we got Richie's solo all over again. It was very funny as he stopped the song and a treat for us!

Loudest song participation:
1-Bad Medicine

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