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22 December 2005 - E. Rutherford, NJ, USA Concert Review 23 December 2005
finished run in Jersey with a bang!!

A review by Danielle

Jon Bon and the boys brought things home AND some last night.. from the moment the guys hit the stage till the final encore song, that arena was bursting with energy.. from the action on stage, to the floor section and all the way up to the rafters. AMAZING. Highlights (although the entire performance was outstanding) included:

* The opening number "Last Man Standing" with Jon at the opposite side of the arena from the stage, in the crowd. Great song and great way to open the show.
Jon actually got in the crowd a few times throughout the night, creating a level of intimacy with the fans. My favorite moment with this was during "Bed of Roses"..a beautiful ballad with Jon in the crowd, singing parts of the song individually to a few lucky fans.
* Everyone going nuts as Jon counted down the years to when "Runaway" was released.. awesome introduction to the song and they rocked the heck out of it.
* The rendition of "Blaze of Glory"..phenomenal.
* "Livin on a Prayer" rocked the house as per usual. I love they way it starts off with the chorus in acapella, then the opening beat to the song kicks in and everyone goes wild.
* The Christmas song..festive and created another warm feeling as people in the crowd held hands and hugged.. a fan threw a Santa hat onstage and Jon put it on. Too cute
* Jon announcing at the end "we'll see you on the other side of the parking lot this summer!!"

All the older tunes obviously psyched us up to the point where we'd burst, but the new tunes from HAND were great as well.. I got warm feelings during "Who Says You Can't Go Home" (for the past few nights, it WAS home)..I also love "Story of my Life."

Whoever said the Jersey crowd was lame when they went should've been there last night. People were jamming in the aisles, singing, raising their hands in the air.. I saw very few, older people sitting down but still clearly enjoying the show. There were definitely vibes of adoration, loyalty, and pride emenating from the audience and welcoming New Jersey's finest :)

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